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BCU & SA Handbook Statement

Bolton Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association

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Last season had a few more positives to it with more cricket being able to be played and some of the restrictions under Covid were lifted as things started to return to normal .Scorers were allowed back in the score box which made life easier for them and the batsman running 2 metres wide was dismissed. We still were not to hold onto sweaters and caps etc and will continue with this for the coming season.

Our new fixtures secretary did a great job in appointing colleagues to matches. There were a few hitches, however ,this coming season we are going electronic and all appointments will be made through the programme “Who’s the Umpire”(WTU).This should make our fixtures secretary’s life far easier as long as we update our days of availability on a regular basis.

The Bolton Cricket League seems to have been more fortunate last season than other leagues, with our Association being able to provide two umpires at all but three of our games. We appreciated the help of some casual umpires, some of who have decided to join us full time for this coming season having undertaken the ACO training course during the winter. This season sees the return of umpires who were unable to umpire due to the pandemic so hopefully we should be able to cover all games with two umpires.

We will be holding a training day for our members using comments made by captains as a basis of points for discussion. Thank you for your constructive comments which have helped us do this .We did have a very successful meeting with some of the captains at the end of the season to help us on our way forward, looking at any concerns that arose through the season and possible solutions.

Can we take this opportunity to wish all teams well for the coming season, played without too many restrictions and in sunny, warm weather.